Friday, September 28, 2012

Take You There


Finally I made myself get into Blog to post something, been a while right? hehehe
School, course stuffs really takes time.
It's quiet cheesy if I update my blog now, since English Day was like weeks ago.
It's my school habit, every 2nd Friday of the month we celebrate English Day
form of appreciation for students because we hafta use English everyfriday.

My Class was granted, It was the first English Day for this academic year. hoho
It was a success xD
We adapted from Glee roles, we changed the story.
It's about Senior Year, Collage, and Prom. :3

Pray before the performance, Nervouss ><
Look at my face ~_~ ewh
Started with "Geli" Club Class, the last class meeting we gathered for goodbye.
Santana (portrayed with Sarah) was confused, she was unsure with her decision whether she should go to collage or stay at WM High School.
Class was dismissed, She asked the whole class about where they were going to do with their life.
Got envy with her friends being accepted in Famous Collages, she left class.
Brittney, was lucky, She saw the sad Santana from far and caught her before she left school.
Brit was trying to cheer her up, but nothing happened. So she asked Anthony and Reggy to help her cheer Santana up.
Unluckily Diana came, and changed the convos and attention for Santana with Prom thingy.
Santana, who was very sad, decided to leave them because she didn't want to hear word "Prom".
Then the convos between Diana, Birtt, Reggy, and Anthony were about "Prom Themes".

What's on anthony mind was Britsh Styled, a Ball, with Waltz Dance

Waltz Dance by the seniors
Got Panicked because the music wouldn't stop >.<
Brittney, who was rather so cheerful, didn't like being so serious with Waltz.
So she shouted "KOREAN" for the Prom Theme
Everybody Dance Gangam Style, Op-Op-Op-Oppa Gangam Style ~ (sorry bad quality T_T)
Oppa Paloma
The Sugar Daddy, Oppa Paloma, Entered the school hall followed by his Guards and Gangam Gurl.
Ummmmm .... was fanned with money by those gurl
Everyone would kill for that !! MUAHAHAHA
Erita the 1st Gangam Gurl, walked from the other side.
D-Dance L-L-Like a R-R-Robot
Ish, that's too cheerfull, Reggy hate that.
He had another Idea, which was implemented for the Prom ..
Umm ...
Audience was deadly curious with Reggy Idea, and wait for moments. Then here we come ...

Bollywood, led by Tina (Dissa) and Tommy
Ilham asked one of the audience to join us dancing ~
Our performance was closed with quizes hahahaha

Oppa, and Gangnam Gurls pose with Quiz Participant $_$ you see the money there
Behind the scene
"Passion?! MOVE ON !!" :p
Me and Diana, Right after the show ended.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

When Classic Meets Pop

I made to see orchestra again after long time not watching it <3
Such a rare here.
I was on 5th Grade for first Orchestra Performance I attended
got sudden crush since then.

Ok, It was named Crossover, by Stradivari Orchestra was held in Grand City Ballroom 4th floor.
It was cheap, because it's started from IDR 100.000 for Regular ticket.

It was Osm, they weren't only play Classics but also some pops.
"Can Can Music, Contradanza, Volare, I'm Yours,  Final Countdown, I Will survive, etc"
20 songs were played, for the first 8 songs was Classic songs, the rest are pop

*drum rools*
seriously guys, my jaw was dropped during the song
I was like hypnotized ... So I didn't record it, ish too bad :c

Grand City Ballroom 4th Floor 
Grand City Ballroom 4th Floor Interior

Oh yeah, I went there with some fellas.
Meeting new people is fun you know
here are them c:

Aren't we looked so happy yet satisfied? c: #ChibiPose #Crazytime

From left to right Me, Mbak Hesti, Ruth, Mas Ivo, and ... Mr.Apparently-I-Forgot-His-Name sorry hehe c:

Me and @hzboy
Sorry don't bring much photos, because we're not allowed to take pics during the show.
You know cameras' sound is really disturbing ~_~
Brought you a video from the show, here it is c:

It's Smooth Criminal, sounds good? It's actually bit far from my expectation
I expected was it would be something better than Glee's.
Over all I rated this Orchestra 4 over 5 stars. Good job Stradivari Orchestra <3


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sunny day

Omg Finally I made it !
got the Werkudara City Tour Bus , it was quite fun.
I had to booked the ticket since sunday night for Wednesday trip.
It was two and half hours city tour trip crossed protocol streets.
But, I wasn't lucky enough because the roof wasn't opened, because It was a bright-sunny day. ugh
the ticket price wasn't expensive tho, it's IDR 20.000/person.
It's cute when you can actually grab leaves in the bus <:
Source: Google (forgot to take the pics)

Crossed Jl. Slamet Riyadi we met another city tour transportation
It's "Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara" , we hafta pay for IDR 150.000/person for it's ticket.
cost much right? hahahaha
maybe someday I'll get chance to ride it. Would be fun tho :D

In honor, Slamet Riyadi.
15 break in Jl. Slamet Riyadi (near Glodok, PGS)
The most unpleasant thing
Solo has it's own E.T. ? hahaha
Wouldn't it be fun if Someday I book the City Tour Bus for my Couple Photoshoot (?)
ok ok, don't take it too deep. Maybe just someday hahahaha. #foreveralone
I'm going back to Taman Dayu today :c
hiks, would miss this City so bad. Next year I wish I can take another city tour trip. Amen :D
How's your holiday? Share me yours xD

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mum, they murdered my feet.

 Another Malioboro short trip,

Hahahah I insisted my Dad to went to Jogjakarta by train.
Well, actually I had very bad experience using train to jogja because It was fulfilled with people and no AC
Can you imagine, standing for almost 2 fucking hours, barely breath and can't move. Nasty.

It's because I heard that Solo, just provided new Railbus called Batarakresna.
It crosses the main protocol street in Solo, sounds legit. hahaha
I was planning to try it to visit Jogja and have lunch then straight to home
just because I was curious how does it feel traveling by Railbus which cross the main street
sounds cheesy right? hahaha
but, my Dad asked whole family to go along with us. ~_~
Changed my plan, and visited some places.
Purwosari Train Station, Solo'
Hahahaha Look at the ticket :)) bought for 16 seat.
Batarakrisna Railbus, Imported from Japan.
Batik parang <3

Don't you think It's like somewhere aboard same as me?
It took approx 1 hour traveling from Purwosari Solo, to Tugu Yogyakata. It was good I felt like I was somewhere aboard hahaha
The train doesn't look like Indonesia's  (ofc, It's made by Japanese haha)
The railway coach isn't as big as other train, It only provides 24 chair :\
If we dont get seat we can stand, or sit on te floor :p
Paid IDR 20.000 for ticket/person, worth we get. :D

Tugu Train Station, Yogyakarta.
One of Malioboro side
You have no idea how excited I was listen to this instrument <3
After a rough time walking down Malioboro under the Burning Sun
finally We made it to Vredeburg Fortress, was build in 1765 this Fortress become a Museum.
We can learn about our Country History, there are some dioramas and big touch screen Information help us. c: 

Being Renovated, Vredeburg, front look.
Vredeburg Gate

Vredeburg yard
One of the Dioramas, this one tells about Indonesian women congress
Old building
Local Art statue, Last year was idk some decoration for Becaks.
It was rad hahaha, walking all day i felt like foreigner :p
Then our way back home we choose the last train to Solo, using Madiun Jaya Express
It's different from Batarakresna Railbus, It's bigger & contain more people.
Just like raibus It also costs IDR 20.000 for one trip/person
If you are lucky, you can get seat reserved written on your ticket muahaha

Unlike Prameks this one is WAY better, well arranged, only 25% of passengers don't get seat.

Unlike Railbus We can find Food Trail Service here :D
Sunset on train <3
I hope you guys are doing well with your vacation, have fun. I'm still at Solo until this thu gon try other tourism activities here <3